Refer a neighbour and get additional 5 GB for 7 days

A Den Boomband Privileged Customer, can get  5 GB extra usage of internet for 7 Days absolutely FREE! You'll get extra usage of  5GB for 7 days for every single reference that gets converted to Den Boomband. What are you waiting for, follow the simple steps and start referring:

Step 1 : Enter details of your references


Step 2 : Enter your details

Claim Your Referral Benefit

Important points to note:

  • Provide references of your neighbours for a DEN Boomband connection
  • Contact your reference after few days to check if the connection has been installed at his/her location
  • Ask your reference for DEN Boomband User ID (UID) If the connection has been installed at his/her location
  • Once all the details are with you fill it up in the above section and Claim your Referral Benefit
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